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LITASIGN is the leading custom wood and metal letters manufacturing company in the world. We believe that our custom wood and metal letters can make a huge impact on your business and personal life. Whether you are seeking to change the logo of your company, or simply wish to add some aesthetic to your home as a decoration, we have over 8 years of experience in providing customers with high-quality wood and metal letters.

Our products are designed to last many years. That is why we take pride in our creation process, which starts with you by giving us all your specific requirements.

Wood and Metal Letters for Rustic Style

If you want a rustic, natural style that is attractive and stylish, metal and wood letters are a terrific option. Typically comprised of pine, cedar, or aspen, the wood has a warm feel and is ideal for a variety of design types.

The metal may be constructed of stainless steel, steel, or aluminum. It’s frequently combined with wood to produce an even more spectacular image; typically, the letters are carved out of the metal and then fastened to the wood. If you want something that appears to have been around forever but still looks contemporary, wood and metal letters are a terrific choice. These are ideal for all kinds of events, including weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and business gatherings.


Your Custom Signage Solution

We are LITASIGN, a team of gifted and skilled individuals who are continually evolving and expanding. We work hard to give you the most cutting-edge goods and services, ensuring that the bespoke things we create for your signage are of the highest caliber and meet all of your exact specifications. In order for you to concentrate on your business while we provide amazing service, we are committed to offering you excellent items at costs you can afford.

At LITASIGN, we have highly qualified employees in each of their specialties who work to meet your demands with the best possible solution. For tasks like manufacturing signs, metal letters for stores and restaurants, boards, etc., we are devoted to acting as a unit to make sure the best goods are produced.

You dream it, we make it

Manufacturing Process of Metal and Wood Letters



We will produce your art precisely as you have designed it whether you order one of our standard designs or ask us to reproduce the original artwork.

Cutting of Metal /Wood Letters

The cutting of metal /wood letters is done in many shapes. The metal /wood letters are cut in the form of the required design with the help of a laser machine.

Soldering of Metal Letters

This process involves using heat to join two pieces of metal together. The solder is melted and then forced into the joint. The solder flows into the gap between the two pieces, filling it with a hardened alloy.


Attaching of Sidings

Attaching sidings to the metal letters involves a series of steps. First, the siding is cut to the appropriate length and width. The siding is then attached to the letter with glue or fasteners. If needed, additional support may be added to ensure that the siding is firmly attached to the letter.


Quality Checking

After wood and metal letters are carved and prepared, they are carefully inspected by our team of experts. If any issues arise during the inspection, we rework the pieces until they meet our high standards.



These sturdy three-ply hardwood shipping boxes are made of two layers of hardwood, with a layer of polystyrene in the middle. They provide maximum protection for your letters while they’re in transit.

State of the Art Craftsmanship: Wood and Metal Letters

Custom metal and wooden signs have become popular for promotion over the past ten years. This is in part because manufacturing processes can produce such excellent results. High-quality and aesthetically pleasing goods made of metal and wood are available.

Unique Designs

We have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. You can find the perfect design for your home or office, regardless of your style.

High Quality

Our wood and metal letters are produced using high-quality materials, so you can be sure they will survive for years. Additionally, they are expertly crafted to ensure that you receive just what you need from them.

Easy Installation

We use top-notch materials to create our metal and wood letters, so you can be sure they will survive for many years. You get exactly what you want from them because they are carefully and meticulously produced.


With our movable wooden and metal letters, you can make a one-of-a-kind sign that expresses your taste and personality. You can select the exact wording, from wedding signs to baby announcements.

Eco Friendly

This item is constructed of recycled, environmentally friendly materials. The metal utilized in this product is recycled, and the wood was sourced responsibly. This item is made to be customized and used again by you or your clients.


This product's rustic look is achieved by using natural materials, including wood and metal. The use of natural colors enhances the rustic look.

Beautiful Wood and Metal Letters

Metal and wood letters are a great addition to any house or establishment. Using wood letters in your design is a beautiful way to incorporate nature. They are so well-liked because of the distinctive element their natural color and texture add that cannot be matched by metal.

Metal letters are fantastic for people who want their home or place of business to feel contemporary. In recent years, metal has grown in popularity as more people choose its sleek appearance over wood’s more natural appearance.

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Letter B
Letter C
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Letter E
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Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
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Letter U
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Letter W
Letter X
Letter Y
Letter Z

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Cast Metal Letters

Cast metal letters are a great way to add a personal touch to any space. These letters can be used for almost anything, from signs to home decor. They are available in various shapes and sizes to find the perfect one for your home or business.


Price from $80.00

Rustic Metal Letters

Rustic metal letters are ideal for any home or business that wants to add a touch of style and elegance to its surroundings. Our range of rustic metal letters can be used for various purposes, from creating a fun sign for your yard to adding personality to your shop front.


Price from $85.00

Industrial Metal Letters

Industrial Metal Letters are designed to make your industrial space look fantastic. These metal letters are perfect for your warehouse, factory, or industrial setting. They can be used as a sign for a company name, or product name, or even as a sign that announces your business hours.


Price from $92.00

Custom Metal Letters

Our custom metal letters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used to create a variety of professional-grade signs. The letters are made from aluminum, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. They're also lightweight and easy to handle.


Price from $69.00

Metal Address Letters

Metal address letters come in many different styles, so you can find the one that best suits your personality and taste. You can find metal address letters painted black, red, blue, green, silver, gold, and even pink! If you want something more casual-looking, choose a painted letter; if you want something more formal, choose a polished metal letter.


Price from $73.00

Outdoor Metal Letters

Metal letters placed outside are a great way to add personality to your house or place of business. They can be applied to the front door, mailbox, or outside wall, among other places. These letters are constructed from top-notch, weather-resistant materials that are strong enough to survive the elements.


Price from $87.00

Metal Gate Letters

We offer custom metal gate letters for your front gate, side gate, or driveway. These letters are made of high-quality material that will last for years. The lettering is available in any color and can be customized with your name or other words.


Price from $68.00

Metal Letters for Sign

The metal letters for the sign are a great way to add color and style to your business or home. The metal letters can be used as an accent piece or a complete sign. The metal letters are available in many different colors and styles so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.


Price from $90.00

About Our Service

1. Proficient

Your needs will be understood by the labor force, who will share their energy with you to develop and improve metal items that meet your necessities.

2. After-Sales Support

LITASIGN offers customer service beyond the sale to ensure that you can address any issues with your metal or wood letters for signs at a cost that suits your needs.

3. Choices 

You can customize the style and size of each letter in your company or brand’s logo to suit its identity.

4. Fast Production

We respond quickly to your requests for our services, often satisfying tight time constraints.

5. Especially Designed

LITASIGN can make any sign you need for your business, including wood and metal letters. We offer handmade arrangements that are perfect for businesses seeking a unique look.

7. 24/7 Hour Support

The customer support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to inquiries and fulfill requests.

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