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LITASIGN is an Industry-leading Maker of Wooden Marquee Letters

LITASIGN is an industry-leading maker and distributor of marquee letters made of wood. When it comes to making thousands of high-quality wooden marquee letters that will last for several years in the field of illumination, we have a lot of experience and knowledge. Whether it’s a giant wooden marquee letter or a small wall lettering job, LITASIGN makes it affordable for everyone to spread their message.

LITASIGN is dedicated to developing, producing and selling high-quality products. We will continue to be on a fast development track, providing customers with new and innovative products that meet their requirements. We believe that superior customer service is the foundation of building a long-term relationship with our customers.

Superior Quality and Competitive Price Wooden Marquee Letters

LITASIGN is one of Wooden Marquee Letters’ top producers and suppliers, having over 6 years of expertise in the marquee and lettering industry. At LITASIGN are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, bespoke Wooden Marquee Letters solutions.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers and managers dedicated to product research and development, quality control, production planning, and production management. The team continually researches and develops new ideas and technologies to provide you with more tailored solutions.


Quality Wooden Marquee Letters from LITASIGN

LITASIGN wooden marquee sign letters are manufactured using the finest ECO-Friendly materials. They can be used in businesses, from museums and art galleries to food courts and retail stores. The classic finish on these letters makes them perfect for commercial establishments with a rustic feel.

These marquee letters will surely pay for themselves. They’re durable enough to be reused several times, even after becoming weathered or damaged.

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Sophisticated Manufacturing Process of Wooden Marquee Letters


Drill Holes for the Light

The wood is punctured using a drill to create a spectacular hole, and the LEDs inserted into it determine the size of the opening.


Binding the Plywood

It creates a solid binding by gluing together the cut edges of the plywood. It prevents the plywood from bending and secures the plate. The outcome is a sign that it is more resilient and can withstand multiple relocations.


Sanding Edges and Surface

Sanding keeps the edges and surface of wooden marquee letters smooth. Adds a beautiful finishing touch to your wooden marquee sign with premium, long-lasting marquee letters featuring elegant writing.


Painting the Surface

By painting the surface of the wooden marquee letters, it is possible to produce a durable and aesthetically-pleasing marquee sign. In addition, the durability of the marquee letters allows them to be utilized at events and other locations to make an impression.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Insert the completed LED bulb into the matching hole. If the marquee letter is to be used outdoors, add a waterproof coating to ensure that it is weatherproof.


Marquee Sign Packaging

We carefully pack wooden marquee letters to withstand all weather conditions. As a result, it will be secure and free of loose packaging material when you push your marquee sign. Your wooden marquee sign is packaged in two cartons with newspaper or bubble wrap.

Why Do LITASIGN Wooden Marquee Letters Stand Out?

LITASIGN wooden marquee letters are a fun, affordable, and practical way to improve your business. With its nostalgic appearance, it has multiple uses. It can be used for temporary advertising and promotion, or it can be used as a permanent identification sign. Their flexibility makes them ideal for construction sites, street directories, industrial facilities, airports, and schools.

Stylish Design

LITASIGN's wooden marquee letters are fantastic, have a beautiful design, and are reasonably priced, as well as being reasonably priced and reasonably priced.

High Visibility

LITASIGN wooden marquee letters are visible from a distance. Thus, your customers will be able to read the wooden marquee letters and comprehend the message you wish to send.

Highly Constructed

All of our marquee letters are made to the finest standards using durable, water-resistant, and high-quality materials.


The most advantageous characteristic of wooden marquee letters is that they may be purchased once and reused multiple times instead of buying new ones. In addition, they are inexpensive to replace, saving you money.

Low Costs of Maintenance

The wooden marquee letters offered by LITASIGN are made from a material that will endure a lifetime. Therefore, frequent maintenance is not required to keep the components in good working condition.


By establishing an aesthetically pleasing display with wooden marquee letters from LITASIGN, you can easily attract clients' attention to your business. It will enhance awareness of your event, which will increase your revenue.

Durable, Beautiful and Versatile Wooden Marquee Letters from LITASIGN

LITASIGN’s Wooden Marquee Letters are a hit for weddings, corporate and common events.  Choose from our wide selection of designs that will make your event memorable. Our signs are made of premium quality wood and are built to last. Our classic wooden unique letter sets can be used indoors or outdoors.

Wooden Wedding Marquee Letters

Wooden Wedding Marquee Letters is an elegant signboard to place your wedding photo or art. You can choose different designs and letters to suit your particular needs.

Wooden Beer Marquee Letters

Add some character to your bar or game room with these wooden beer marquee letters. Each letter is hand-cut and painted with care, then attached via string for easy hanging: a fun and unique way to display your favorite beer brand.

Wooden Marquee Letters Ornaments

Turn your home into a dreamland with our Wooden Marquee Letters Ornaments! Perfect for any holiday, these festive decorations feature each letter of the alphabet and are sure to help you create a party atmosphere.

Wooden Bar Marquee Letters

Wooden Bar Marquee Letters for home bar or restaurant. Add a vintage bar look to your decor with a personalized letter marquee. Choose from our selection of business names, or personalize at no additional charge

Wooden Prom Marquee Letters

Wooden Prom Marquee Letters are the perfect accessory to add a special touch to a Prom decor. You can use these letters to create your custom banner or use them as part of a decorative arch.

Wooden Birthday Marquee Letters

Personalize a party décor with our Wooden Birthday Marquee Letters. These letters are a great addition to any birthday party, make great photo props, and add a fun element of surprise to any party guest!

Wooden Love Marquee Letters

Wooden Love Marquee Letters are a perfect addition to wedding décor, birthday parties, or any other event! These letters are ideal for creating an atmosphere of romance at your wedding reception site. Each letter is made from wood that has been hand-painted with various designs.

Wooden Marry Me Marquee Letters

Take a love story to the next level with Marry Me Marquee Letters. These Wooden Marry Me Marquee Letters will be a showstopper at any wedding or party. These marquee letters feature a charming look that will fit any color scheme. They make incredible decorations anywhere from weddings to birthdays, parties, or special events.

Wooden Gym Marquee Letters

Show your passion in the gym with these Wooden Gym Marquee Letters. They are available in an assortment of fonts and colors, with the option to personalize each letter. The custom gym letters are a great addition to any home or commercial gym.

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Metal Marquee Letters are a great addition to any home or office. The high-quality metal construction ensures that these letters will last for years. It is a beautiful way to display family names, business titles, etc. This marquee letter set can be displayed indoors or out.


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Marquee Wall Letters

Marquee Wall Letters are a fun, fashionable, and affordable way to transform any space. With various designs and styles to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect match for you or your family.


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Decorative LED Marquee Lights

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Party Marquee Signs

Our Party Marquee Signs make an ideal decoration for your next get-together. These marquee signs are perfect whether you want to announce a party or celebrate a special occasion. Made of high-quality materials, these signs are built to last and can be reused time and again.


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Event Light Up Letters

Event Light Up Letters are great for nightclubs, bars, lounges, corporate events, and fundraisers. They are available in many different sizes, styles, and colors.


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Indoor Marquee Signs

The Indoor Marquee Signs are perfect for any event, party, or reunion. This easy assemble indoor marquee letter is made of galvanized steel. These indoor marquee signs can also be a decorative feature and add a nice touch to your home.


Price from $190.00

Cursive Marquee Letters

Cursive Marquee Letters are the perfect way to add some character to your signs. These letters are made from durable materials and have a soft finish used indoors or outdoors. You can choose from various sizes and colors when ordering.


Price from $250.00

Benefits You Can Enjoy with LITASIGN's Wooden Marquee Letters

LITASIGN’s wooden marquee letters are unique and valuable business tools. Marquee letters come in various types, shapes, sizes, and materials. Marquee letters are often used as outdoor advertisements and business signs and hung on the roofs of buildings, among other uses.

1. Standing Out From The Crowd

To attract people’s attention at events, nothing beats wooden marquee letters. Suppose your event is located on a crowded street with much competition. In that case, you must use any advantage, such as wooden marquee letters.

Wooden marquee letters will distinguish your event from those that employ standard signage. You will also be able to attract attention when the sun has set.

2. Constantly Visible

Wooden marquee letters are both utilitarian and visually appealing. When you need to attract the attention of passersby, wooden marquee letters will ensure that they are seen from a distance.

The wooden marquee letters from LITASIGN can be placed on any flat surface or, if desired, attached to the wall. Work effectively as an entryway. Our extensive collection of wooden marquee letter alternatives allows you to match your décor and personalize your writing.

3. Cost-effectiveness

When observing events, the LED lights that are most prevalent are those that illuminate letters. In the long term, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are more expensive. However, LED lights have a much longer lifespan than alternative lighting options.

In addition to saving money, LED lighting is more environmentally friendly than incandescent lighting for your signs. The cost to operate a single LED bulb for 24 hours is much less than that of fluorescent light. LEDs can also be replaced more effectively and for less money.

4. Is Visible From A Distance

Visibility from a distance is a factor that many events ignore when evaluating the lighting of their signs. Particularly at night, the event’s lit inscriptions will be visible from long distances.

The lights on the signs will improve visibility at night and throughout the day. Additionally, the daytime visibility of the wooden marquee letters will be increased. It is something to consider during the months when the daytime sky is cloudy.

5. Variety Of Colors

Most people consider wooden marquee letters to be white. Numerous hues of wooden marquee letters are available. It’s a plus that the sign’s colors can correspond to the occasion.

Consider how your lighting will convey the colors of your brand. Some establishments, for instance, utilize colorful letters and white light; Others will use white letters and alter the light’s tint to represent their brand’s hues. Your method will be determined by your objectives and the topic of your event.

6. Appear More Professional

Employing ordinary signage may make your event appear less professional than when using wooden marquee letters. The price and time required to create this signage will subconsciously convey to your event’s attendees that you have a more incredible experience. You take marketing seriously and are willing to exert the necessary effort to appear suitable.

You should be aware of the numerous benefits of utilizing wooden marquee letters. These letters will increase the exposure of your events and maintain the visibility of your signs.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Wooden Marquee Letters


With the wide variety of wooden marquee letters available for sale, it can be difficult for a buyer to determine which one to buy. In addition, wooden marquee letters play a significant role in beautifying any building or facility. While these letters serve as an identifying name or business phrase, they also have a decorative aspect that enhances the image of the building and those who work within it.

This guide aims to answer all of your questions about wooden marquee letters. We’ll cover the different types of wooden marquee letters available, materials used to make them, their installation, etc.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Wooden Marquee Letters?

Wooden marquee letters are hand-painted and hand-carved letters, numerals, and symbols that may be used to advertise your business or family name, beautify your house, or any other purpose. Some individuals buy enormous letter sets made of various colored wood and combine them with lights to use as signs.

Wooden marquee letters are a terrific method to make an outdoor sign for your business or emphasize a particular word or phrase in other scenarios. These phrases can be written on the front of your shop and the grounds of homes and apartment complexes.

Figure 1 - Wooden Marquee Letters

2.How Does a Wooden Marquee Letters Work?

A wooden marquee sign usually consists of letters that spell out the name of a business, organization, or event.  The standard cabinet depths for single-sided signs are 7′′ and 12′′ for double-sided signs, and they can resist winds of up to 140mph. The wooden marquee sign face retainer is hinged on both sides to allow simple access to the lights and attachment points.

All wooden marquee signs come with UL-listed electrical components with manufacturer warranties, a wire-way cover, an outside safety switch, and a single 3-wire pigtail ready to plug into a 120V power supply.

3. Where Can I Apply the Wooden Marquee Letters?

The following places employ wooden marquee letters:

Figure 2 - Wooden Marquee Letters in a Concert

4. What Are the Uses of a Wooden Marquee Letters?

Branding –

Wooden marquee letters are ideal for branding both indoors and out. They are an excellent investment for any company that wants to be recognized by potential clients.

Wooden marquee letters will always be able to attract pedestrians’ attention thanks to their powerful LED lighting. As a result, consumers will come to link your brand with the distinct appearance of a wooden marquee sign and will be able to recognize it in a flash.

Figure 3 - Wooden Marquee Letters - Branding

On Restaurants & Bar

Most restaurant and bar owners use wooden marquee lettering to create a retro feel. Through their spectacular look, wooden marquee signs will be able to meet the goal of marketing and décor in restaurants and bars.

Figure 4 - Wooden Marquee Letters - Bar & Restaurant

For Decor

In most firms, wooden marquee signs are becoming increasingly popular for interior branding. In addition, companies utilize wooden marquee signs to give their offices a professional impression.

These flashing indicators have also made their way into people’s homes and companies to help with interior design and advertising. In addition, wooden marquee sign décor with removable text is ideal for customizing your home’s style.

Figure 5 - Wooden Marquee Letters - Decor

Wedding Ceremonies

Free-standing wooden marquee letters are a beautiful alternative that may be utilized to display the bride and groom’s initials. When combined with LED lamps, wooden marquee signs can attract and thrill guests.

Figure 6 - Wooden Marquee Letters - Wedding


If you want to create a memorable and distinctive photoshoot, wooden marquee letters will make a stunning backdrop. They allow you to write any statement you wish to in giant characters on them. In addition, these wedding marquee letters will evoke a retro atmosphere for any creative backdrop.

Figure 7 - Wooden Marquee Letters - Photoshoot

5. Can The Wooden Marquee Letters Be Customized?

Yes, you may personalize the wooden marquee letters since manufacturers provide a variety of font styles, colors, materials, sizes, and other options.

6. Can I Connect Multiple Wooden Marquee Letters Together?

Yes, you can connect multiple letter lights, although this will depend on the bulb count. You can only connect 90 bulbs per outlet for standard bulbs, while for LED bulbs, you can connect as many as 900 bulbs per outlet.

Manufacturers also provide chain links that enable you to connect letter lights to the next and then untimely to the wall power outlet via an extension cord.

7. Are Wooden Marquee Letters Approved for Outdoor Use?

Yes, manufacturers build wooden marquee letters out of materials that are good for both indoor and outdoor use. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions including UV radiation, rain, and humidity.

Figure 8 - Wooden Marquee Letters - Outdoor

8. Can the Wooden Marquee Letters Stand on Their Own?

Yes, manufacturers build the wooden marquee letters out of materials that are good for both indoor and outdoor use. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions including UV radiation, rain, and humidity.

9. Does Wooden Marquee Letters Require Power to Operate?

Yes, wooden marquee letters are wired and must be linked to a power source to work correctly. Extension cables are utilized to connect them, requiring just a regular 120V power outlet to operate.

10. What Are the Sizes of Wooden Marquee Letters?

11. Can You Easily Move the Wooden Marquee Letters?

The weight of wooden marquee lettering varies between 30 and 50 pounds each. It’s best to plan ahead of time where you want your marquee letters to go and set them up before the event begins. It enables you to secure the cables.

Because of their size, the wooden marquee letters should only be moved when necessary.

12. What Are the LED Bulbs Used in the Wooden Marquee Letters?

The bulbs used is a LED filament bulbs or ball lamps is used. It uses a maximum of 3 watts or ± 30 watts per light letter.

13. What Colors of the Bulbs Are Available?

Warm white is the most common lighting hue that has been utilized and chosen (dimmable). Depending on your preferences, you may also choose between frigid white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green illumination. RGB lights are installed in all event light lettering.

14. Are the Wooden Marquee Letters PAT Tested?

Yes, they are all PAT tested regularly.

15. Are the Wooden Marquee Letters Weatherproof?

The wooden marquee letters withstand light rain or drizzle and other outdoor elements. However, they should not be used during adverse weather conditions, including high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet.

16. What Is The Weight Of The Wooden Marquee Letters?

100 cm wooden marquee lettering – 5 kg average The wooden lit letters are light enough due to the materials used, construction, size, form, and measurements.

However, they are also quite powerful. These marquee lettering may also be readily replaced, for example, at the entrance to the event stage during your wedding, reception, or other events.

17. Do You Need To Pay a Higher Electrical Bill With Wooden Marquee Letters?

No. If you utilize wooden marquee writing, you won’t have to worry about high energy costs. The wooden marquee letters use less energy than conventional lights.

The wooden marquee writing is lit by low-wattage, brilliant, and energy-efficient LEDs. As a result, the wooden marquee letters are inexpensive to operate.

18. Do I Need a Remote and A Dimmer for My Wooden Marquee Letters?

Additional hardware, such as a remote and dimmer, creates a more versatile experience with your wooden marquee letters. They allow you to control the brightness, turn the lights on and off, and activate party modes that make the letters flash, pulse, and flicker. A remote also allows you to decrease the brightness of your sign for exposure reduction.

19. How Does Size Affect The Price Of The Wooden Marquee Letters?

The price of wooden marquee letters is affected by their size and style. One of the most important influencing variables has been the size of the wooden marquee lettering.

Compared to the smaller sizes, the larger or greater size will be more expensive. In addition, because the larger ones will require more materials, labor costs and other expenses will rise.

20. What Payment Terms Do You Accept?

  • Letter of Credit ( L/C)
  • Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T)
  • Alipay
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay

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