How To Fix A Broken Neon Sign?

How To Fix A Broken Neon Sign?


The neon sign is an essential part of art, culture and history. The neon tube is the most common type of neon sign. It emits light when the gas inside is discharged into the vacuum tube. The neon lamp can be made of different materials, such as glass, quartz or plastic tubes.

This article will teach you how to fix neon signs at home. It will also show you how to replace broken parts in your neon sign and how to take care of your signs for better performance and longer life.

Figure 1 - Neon Repair

Step 1 – Turn off, unplug and safely remove your neon

Turning off and unplugging a neon sign is the first thing you should do if it is giving you trouble. There is a very good risk that you will be electrocuted if you don’t do this before working on the sign. You can remove the sign from its housing without risk after it has been powered down and unplugged.

Step 2 – You Can Start troubleshooting

You have the right tools in hand and you’re ready to get started. The initial step is to look for any evident problems that are simple to resolve. 

Look at your sign’s glass tube first. If it is damaged or cracked you should replace the tube right away since if used incorrectly, it could harm you or someone else.

Next, look for any hardware—such as loose screws or other pieces of hardware—that might be harming your neon sign. These are the typical issues that can occur when neon signs are used.

  • Burned Out Lights – Over time, some parts or sections of a neon sign can fuse. This is a common occurrence in light fixtures as well.
  • Sections Stop Working – Sometimes some sections of the light or sign stop operating
Figure 2 - Broken Neon Sign
  • Broken Transformer – The transformers on some of the neon signs may malfunction or be damaged.
Broken-Transformer neon sign
Figure 3 - Broken Neon Sign Transformer

Step 3 – Broken Neon Light Glass Repair

A broken neon light is a problem that can be easily solved. If you have a broken neon light, you can fix it yourself with a few simple steps.

  • Get a replacement piece of glass for the broken neon
  • Remove any screws holding down your old glass piece with a screwdriver or drill bit.
  • Once all screws have been removed, lift out your old glass piece and replace it with new one by sliding it into place in its original spot
  • Push out any epoxy bonds holding them together so they stay in place while they cure over time without falling out again once cured properly

How to Safely Repair a Neon Light Sign?

Before beginning any repairs on your neon sign system, turn off power at the circuit breaker panel and disconnect all power from the sign’s electrical supply box by removing fuses or circuit breakers from their slots in the panel box. This will ensure that no electricity flows through any part of your system while working on it so you don’t risk being shocked by stray voltage or damaged equipment during repairs.

How to Troubleshoot a Problematic Neon Sign?

If your neon sign is not working, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself with these steps:


Neon sign flickering can be a common problem with many signs, especially if they are older. The most likely cause of this flickering is a loose connection somewhere in the sign’s wiring. To fix this, you’ll need to know how to identify which parts of the sign are connected by wires and which are not. Then, you can look for loose connections in those areas and repair them using wire nuts or electrical tape.

Turns On Then Turns Off

If your neon sign comes on for a brief period of time before turning off again, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Check your circuit breaker first. If it has been tripped, reset it to check if the issue still exists.
  • If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting the cord from the outlet and then replugging it; this may be sufficient to restart the system and restore normal operation.
  • You might need to replace your fuse or circuit breaker if these methods don’t resolve the problem.

Dim Letters

If the lights on your neon sign are dull, the tubes are probably not getting enough energy.

By using a voltmeter to test it, first make sure that your power source is operational. You should inspect your transformer if it is operating. The transformer could need to be replaced or there may be a problem with it.

You must check the resistance of each tube in an antique neon sign if there isn’t a transformer attached to it to ensure that the tubes are all reading properly. The reason why your sign is dimming could be because one or more of the tubes have higher resistance than the rest.

Does Not Turn On

Check these things if your neon sign doesn’t light up.

First, confirm that your sign is powered by the appropriate type of electricity. If you try to use a low voltage light bulb to power a neon sign, it might not work because neon signs need a very high voltage of energy. Moreover, you should confirm that the light bulb is functioning properly and has not burned out.

The transformer may have failed or the neon tube may have broken if you’ve checked those things yet your sign isn’t working. To try again in this situation, you’ll need to replace them both.

Are LED Neon Signs Repairable?

LED neon signs can indeed be repaired. An LED sign’s parts are made up of numerous straightforward, modular components that are simple to replace if something goes wrong, which is why they are so simple to fix and maintain.


If your neon sign is short-circuiting, the first step is to trace the wires back to their source. The result will be either a transformer (which you can buy at a hardware store) or a circuit board. If it’s a circuit board, check for blown fuses and replace them with new ones if necessary. Then, check all of the capacitors on the board and replace any that are bulging or leaking.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, you’ll need to find out where in the circuit something has failed—either in an individual bulb or in the power supply itself. It’s usually easier to tell by looking at which lights are flickering or dimming than by trying to diagnose each light individually.

Loose Connections

You have a few options if your neon sign is loose. Tighten the connections first, and then check to see if the issue is resolved.

If it doesn’t work, you might need to have parts of the neon sign’s cables or joints replaced. Any burned-out or flickering bulbs may also need to be replaced.

It’s time to hire a pro if none of these solutions work for you.

Faulty Transformers

Any neon sign’s transformer is its most crucial component, and if it malfunctions, the sign as a whole will stop working. Transforming the mains voltage into a low voltage allows neon tubes to shine. Your neon sign’s malfunctioning transformer is likely to be the reason of it flickering or not shining at all.

The transformer must be removed from its location and replaced by removing the screws keeping it in place. After that, screw the new transformer firmly into place and connect it.

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