Breaking Down the Differences: Single-Color vs. Multicolor Neon Sign


Deciding whether to buy a single-color or multi-color LED neon sign is one of the most important choices you’ll have to make. It’s critical to comprehend the distinctions between the two in order to choose the best selection for your own demands, even if each option has its own distinctive advantages. We’ll be dissecting the distinctions between single-color and multi-color LED neon signs and assisting you in choosing which option would be appropriate for your specific application.

Single-Color LED Neon Sign

The simplest neon sign type is a single-color LED neon sign. When compared to multicolor LED neon signs, they have more than one hue of light grouped in a certain design. LEDs can be used to make single-color LED neon signs, but in order to make multicolor LED neon signs that work properly, extra lighting and technology are needed.


Multi-Color LED Neon Signs

Multi-color LED neon signs are a particular kind of sign that combines multiple colors to produce an image. Any image, whether a company logo, a message, or a design, can be created by combining the colors in such a way that they appear as one cohesive whole. Outdoor locations, including the sides of buildings or the tops of street lights, frequently use multi-color LED neon signs.


Comparison of Single-Color and Multi-Color LED Neon Signs


Since more LEDs are needed to produce more hues, multi-color LED neon signs are more expensive. A multi-color sign, on the other hand, might have up to twenty LEDs for each letter, whereas a simple single-color sign might just utilize one or two. Moreover, more drivers are required to control the additional LEDs. This makes the circuit board more complex and can call for more software development or firmware changes.

Design Options

Businesses who want to create a big statement with their signage but lack the funding for a multi-color sign might consider single-color LED neon signs as a viable alternative. Also, since this style of sign can be readily modified if your product line or services change, they are ideal for businesses that are just getting started and don’t yet know what kind of product or service they will be offering.

Compared to single-color LED neon signs, multi-color neon signs provide greater design alternatives. They enable you to display multiple colors simultaneously and use those colors to make visually appealing patterns. When combined with animation, which may give your company’s signs energy and entertainment value, this can be very powerful.


The colors utilized in the design and the kind of material used to manufacture the sign both affect how visible single-color LED neon signs are. For instance, if your writing is black on a white backdrop, it will be challenging to read at a distance.

But, multi-color LED neon signs are more noticeable since they use multiple colors in their patterns. They can therefore use bolder, more vivid colors to create visuals that are easier to see from a distance.


Single-color and multi-color LED neon signs both have a similar level of longevity. Because both types of signs can be made from durable materials, they are both suitable for outside use.

Energy Efficiency

While both single-color and multi-color LED neon signs are energy-efficient, there are distinct advantages to each. As mercury, a hazardous material that can be harmful to the environment, is not used in single-color LED neon signs, they are more energy efficient than conventional neon signs. Yet, because multi-color LED neon signs use LEDs rather than incandescent bulbs, they consume less energy than conventional neon signs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Single-Color and Multi-Color LED Neon Signs

Intended Use

Choose a multi-color LED neon sign if you want a sign that will capture people’s attention get them talking. According to events at your company or event, the colors can vary, which will assist people remember your brand.

A single color LED neon sign can be a better option if you’re seeking for something that will be a permanent feature in your shop or office. In addition to being less expensive than multi-color signs, this style of sign is also simpler to maintain and replace if it malfunctions.


While considering between single-color LED neon signs and multi-color LED neon signs, price is one of the most crucial considerations to take into account. Despite being often far less expensive than its multi-colored counterparts, single-color LED neon signs can still be an investment.

While more expensive than single color LED neon signs, multi-color LED neon signs give you more creative freedom and the chance to give your consumers a more unique experience.

Brand Image

When deciding between single-color and multi-color LED neon signs is your company’s brand image. You need a sign that supports this message if you want to project a particular image.

If you have an upscale or classy brand image, then you may want to go with a single-color LED neon sign. This will allow you to focus on the color itself rather than getting distracted by several hues. On the other hand, if your company is more lighthearted or whimsical, a multi-color LED neon sign would be a better choice.

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