Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Bathroom Neon Sign

Tips on Lighting Up Your Bathroom With Awesome Neon Signs!


When you want to give your bathroom some “neon” life, consider installing a neon sign. There is a sign for every taste, whether you want to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat or just want something colorful and engaging. Bathroom neon signs are fantastic since they are so adaptable. 

Select a Neon Sign That Fits Your Personality

Neon signs that match your personality make for the greatest ones, therefore it’s critical to pick one that does. Look for a light-up sign with text or visuals that are humorous, eccentric, or unique if you want it to spark conversation or provide some amusement. For a splash of color in your bathroom, you can also use signs with vivid colors and forms.


Pick the Right Color for Your Toilet Neon Light

When you choose the color for your bathroom neon light, consider that it should accentuate, not compete with, the rest of your bathroom design. The bathroom may benefit from a brighter hue with some white in it if there is a lot of natural light there. If the room is dark, you might want to consider a shade with more blue or purple.


Decide on a Size of Your Neon Sign

It’s important to choose a neon sign size that fits the area where it will be placed. In order for it to fit comfortably in your bathroom, you must think about where you will put it. It is better to use a big sign with lots of words if you want to make a bold statement. A smaller version, on the other hand, will suit your needs better if you like something more understated and sophisticated.


Consider the Cost of a Neon Restroom Sign

Numerous factors affect how much a neon toilet sign costs. You must decide whether you want a straightforward neon sign or one with LED lights. Expect to pay more if you pick LED lighting than if you go with standard neon lighting. Additionally, think about the size and type of materials that will be needed to make your sign. The cost will increase as the sign gets bigger and more expensive materials are used to build it.

Make Sure to Display Your Bathroom Sign Properly

Your bathroom neon sign must be displayed correctly if you want to get the most out of it. The first thing you need do is decide where in your bathroom the sign’s light will be visible from all directions. Making ensuring the sign is placed high enough above eye level to avoid obstructing other bathroom fixtures like mirrors and lights is the second important step. Making sure there are no obstacles between the observer and the sign is a crucial third piece of advice.

Safety First!

Whether it’s for your bathroom or your garage, safety should always come first when choosing a neon sign. Choose one that is UL-approved or tested by a third-party lab so that it meets all current safety regulations and standards.


Neon signs are essentially a form of art, which is why having an artistic eye and creative mind is highly desirable if you want to buy one. Furthermore, you can find neon signs in all styles and themes these days. However, before making any final decision on the type of neon sign that you will buy, there are some practical aspects that need to be considered. These include space, compatibility and durability.

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