Infinity Mirror Art 101: Things You Should Know About Infinity Mirror Art

Infinity Mirror Art 101: Things You Should Know About Infinity Mirror Art


Infinity Mirrors are a fun and interactive way to get people thinking about their place in the universe. They are also an excellent way to add individuality, style, and novel functionality to your home or business. They have been featured in galleries worldwide, but they can also be made in the comfort of one’s home with minimal effort. Here are some of the things you should know about infinity mirror art.

What is Infinity Mirror Art?

Infinity mirror art is a type of art that uses the reflective properties of a mirror to create an infinite loop. The effect can be achieved through multiple mirrors and lights, which can be placed in different configurations to create other visual effects.


How Does an Infinity Mirror Art Work?

The infinity effect is created by the light bouncing between the two reflective surfaces of the mirrors. When the lights turn on, they bounce off both surfaces, but some pass through the two-way mirror. The light escaping from one side fades, making the infinity effect fade.

The reflections seem to be moving farther away from the mirror, but this is an illusion. The light travels the same distance as it appears to travel. Each reflection adds length to the light’s path before exiting the mirror.

infinity mirror art

Infinity Mirror Art Applications

For commercial applications, an infinity mirror is often used in department store dressing rooms, amusement parks, and some elevators. In these applications, ceiling-to-wall mirrors face each other so that a person standing in front of one mirror can see their reflection repeated multiple times in the surrounding mirrors.


Using Infinity Mirror Art At Home

Now that you know what an infinity mirror is and how it works, you might wonder how to incorporate the same effect in smaller accent displays. While a floor-to-ceiling glow might not fit your home’s exact décor, other options exist. You can still contain the same impact on smaller accent displays. Many online retailers sell LED infinity accent mirrors. These add a fun, unique aesthetic to the walls in your home and are a great conversation starter.

Art pieces can be another option. Freestanding or wall art is available in many different colors, patterns, and styles that can add visual interest to your home’s interior. A furniture is also an option if you prefer not to add it to your walls. Retailers provide end tables, coffee tables, and other accent tables constructed with infinity mirror tops. These are built with colorful, intricate lighting or more straightforward light displays.


Infinity Mirror Designs to Reflect On… Forever

Round Infinity Mirror


Modified Frames Infinity Mirror


Multi-Dimensional Infinity Mirror


Names Infinity Mirror



Infinity mirrors have been used in a wide variety of settings. They are available for purchase through online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. These products are easy to install, and they fit any space. Infinity mirrors can be used in homes, offices and laboratories. They provide enjoyment to their viewers and offer a unique way to add class to your home or office. If you are interested in purchasing an infinity mirror, contact LITASIGN today.

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