Top 10 Inspiring Examples of Logo Lightbox Designs


A company’s logo is shown in an arresting and unforgettable fashion on logo lightboxes, which are lighted displays. Logo lightboxes are a terrific method to make a strong first impression on potential clients with their vivid colors, simple lines, and stylish design. This blog post will include 10 of the most motivational logo lightbox designs from various sectors. You will undoubtedly find something that catches your attention, whether you’re browsing for ideas for your own company or simply like beautiful design.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s lightbox serves as an ideal illustration of how to use your logo to make a memorable visual that communicates what your brand stands for. Bright, colorful lights shine upon their recognizable red and white emblem, bringing feelings of celebration and excitement.


2. Apple

The sleek, minimalist style of Apple’s logo lightbox represents the brand’s sophistication and ingenuity with a white lighted Apple logo against a black background. The lightbox’s design is straightforward but striking, and it’s simple to use. Users can easily find what they’re seeking for thanks to the white and black color combination.


3. Nike

The Nike logo lightbox is a great illustration of how to use visual components to give viewers an immersive experience. The Nike brand identity is well communicated by using the instantly identifiable swoosh emblem in this design.


4. McDonald's

McDonald’s logo lightbox design features their recognizable golden arches, brightly illuminated in yellow and red, representing the brand’s cheerful and friendly fast-food experience.


5. Adidas

Athletic and everyday clothing are sold by the international company Adidas. To provide a captivating effect, their logo lightbox design combines black and white with a dash of color in the background.


6. Starbucks

Starbucks uses lightboxes to create a strong visual presence in their stores, as well as to drive more foot traffic into the store. They use these lightboxes to showcase special promotions and new items on their menu. The store-front design is always evolving based on what Starbucks wants to showcase, which keeps customers coming back time and time again.


7. Puma

The logo lightbox for Puma is an illustration of a design that is understated but still successfully communicates the identity and values of the company. The lively sensation evoked by the vivid colors and strong lines is consistent with the company’s name. Given that the business is recognized for its athletic footwear and sports apparel, this makes sense.


8. Samsung

Samsung is a Korean corporation that creates, produces, and markets electronic products like computers, televisions, and smartphones. The business’s logo is a straightforward oval with a blue backdrop. This logo’s lightbox design is also quite straightforward, with a blue background and white text.


9. GAP

The lightbox at Gap is tasteful and subtle. The white Gap logo draws users’ attention, while some white writing on a black background provides contrast for the rest of the page. This creates a sleek appearance that complements the Gap brand.


10. Shell

Oil and gas-related goods and services are produced by Shell. They use their emblem, a shell, as the background of their lightbox. The layout is really tidy, understated, and attractive.


These examples of logo lightboxes show how a brand’s identity can be effectively represented, create a strong visual impact, and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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