What You Should Know About Neon Light Power Consumption?

How Much Electricity Your Neon Light Will Use?


Neon signs are pretty popular and affordable. And, they’re everywhere. ​ They’re in restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets and just about any other business that wants to advertise. Some of these signs are larger than life, while others are small enough to fit on a desk or counter. But, how much electricity do they use? And, how much money do they cost to run?



You can find it in the label or packaging how much power the neon lights consume. If you can’t find the information there, contact the company that made the neon sign. Once you have this number, plug it into one of our calculators to see how much money it will cost per month for an entire year:

Neon Light Wattage Calculator (W) * Hours per Day * 365 Days per Year = Total Wattage (W) * Cost per Kilowatt Hour ($/kWh) = Monthly Electricity Cost

How Much Electricity Does a Neon Light Consume?

The size of the neon light you’re referring to will determine the answer. The wattage will differ depending on what you’re trying to light up because neon lights come in a range of sizes and forms.

Whereas a giant neon sign that lights up a whole wall could require more than 500 watts, a small neon sign that is only a few inches tall might only need 20 watts.

LED Neon Electricity Usage VS. Glass Neon Electricity Usage

A glass neon sign uses 120 watts of electricity on average, whereas an average LED neon sign uses only 50 watts.The primary cause of this distinction is that glass neons are formed of multiple pieces of thin glass that glow when heated by an electrical current, but LED lights are composed of a single piece of silicon that generates light when an electrical current passes through it.



Neon lights use less energy, last longer, and have no odor when compared to other types of lighting. Costs of the led bulbs are also lower when compared to fluorescent bulbs. The cost of operating neon lights is low when compared to other lighting options. Customers should add these benefits to the aesthetic appeal that makes neon lights so popular in the first place. Neon lights not only look attractive, but they also save money in the long run.

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