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Custom Beer Neon Signs Are Better with LITASIGN

LITASIGN has grown for over 6 years in the custom neon sign industry to become the best provider of custom bar neon signs solutions that meet various global requirements. LITASIGN uses world-class manufacturing techniques and offers a wide range of choices of custom neon bar signs with premium quality and all the directives and regulations in mind.

LITASIGN’s continuous investment in the best technological equipment can prolong the neon beer signs operating life and be capable of manufacturing custom neon beer signs that are both high-quality and cost-effective. Our custom neon beer signs are safe to use and have a long life span. 

LITASIGN: The Custom Beer Neon Sign Expert and Professional Team

Dedicated to providing a unique experience, LITASIGN has formed a team of experienced designers, engineers, and production staff available to guide you through the process of creating your very own custom neon beer sign – from concept design to completion.

The LITASIGN team is professionally trained and utilizes advanced technology to ensure you get the high-quality custom neon beer sign possible. They are available 24/7 to help you with all your needs.


For Best Custom Beer Neon Sign You Can Rely on LITASIGN

LITASIGN delivers vibrant colors and can produce gradients that give custom neon beer signs a high-end level of visual appeal. LITASIGN engineers spent years perfecting the design and crafting all the handmade neon signs with precision for maximum efficiency. These signs are durable to last for years, yet versatile enough to be bent, looped, arched, covered, surface mounted, or mounted on a wall.

LITASIGN’s custom neon beer signs are of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and plenty of experience in manufacturing these spectacular neon signs to the effect you want to create. LITASIGN will design a perfect custom neon beer sign to meet your requirements.

You dream it, we make it

The One-Stop Custom Neon Beer Sign Manufacturing Procedure

pcb design

PCB Design

LITASIGN’s experts’ engineers use industry-leading programs and components to design and build your custom neon light sign, set up the PCB for the exact size sign of your neon sign requirements. By this, you can get your sign that’s exactly what you want on time and at a competitive price.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Because PCBs are crucial to neon signs, the quality control department ensures they are in good working order by performing multiple tests before proceeding to the next phase. This assures you that you’re getting the best possible sign.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN has the most modern SMT machines on the market, with great speed, efficiency, and precision. Ensure that SMD LED chips are of excellent quality. Virtual soldering and off-soldering of LED chips, which can occur on LED neon signs, can be solved with in-house SMT processing.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

Skilled employees and high-quality silicone extruders are required for this important extrusion operation. LITASIGN uses silicone extruders to provide the highest quality neon signs.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Until LITASIGN gets your final confirmation, the sign cannot be forwarded to the production line. The sample design will be >99% the same as the final original product. During the production design, all details will be carefully checked, including the light color, the jacket color and the design of the LED adaptor, the plug type, and the dimmer version. Finally, you will get exactly what you ordered and what was promised by LITASIGN.

Backplate Engraving

Skilled craftsmen use an engraving machine to carve openings in the acrylic backing to install the neon flex strip. The waste of neon flex strips can be reduced by cutting gaps in the basket board.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Skilled artisans take measurements of the neon pattern and cut flex strips to match. The neon flex stalk is then installed with the appropriate fittings.
All neon signs are handcrafted by a skilled craftsman to meet the required export standards. Good craftsmanship can have an impact on the original design and the aesthetics of neon signs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Before packaging the final product, all finished neon signs are burned for 8 hours to assure brilliance and durability. During this process, they examined a variety of quality parameters to keep manufacturing errors to a minimum.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon packages are loaded and unloaded numerous times during the export process. LITASIGN is highly strict about neon sign packaging, paying extra attention to the procedure to limit the damage rate to a minimum. All boxes are composed of a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board to ensure safe shipment. For added protection, we utilize paper corner protectors when repacking the box.

Why Choose LITASIGN Custom Neon Beer Signs Above All Other Options?

For over 6 years, LITASIGN has been satisfying the neon sign needs of thousands of consumers. Neon signs aren't the only thing we sell. We recognize the significance of each neon sign our customers order, and we take pride in not only producing high-quality illuminated signs but also providing the greatest level of service with a focus on the needs and pleasure of our customers with the following benefits:


LITASIGN designs and fabricates the custom neon beer sign as per the client's need. LITASIGN ensures that the quality and usability of our custom neon beer sign matches your interior design and style requirements.


LITASIGN's custom beer neon signs are low voltage and produce very little heat, making them safe to touch even after a week. LITASIGN doesn't use glass in the neon signs because LED Neon is used with a silicon casing, and all signs are bonded to an acrylic backing that is, for the most part, resistant to breakage.

Eco - Friendly

LITASIGN custom neon signs can save up to 80% of the power compared to traditional neon. Can green-up the planet by using LITASIGN custom neon signs to reduce CO2 emission per year.


LITASIGN custom beer neon signs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, which equates to 13 years if the sign is lit for 10 hours per day. We also provide weatherproof outdoor choices.

High - Visibility

Consumers favor neon signs because of their capacity to stand out and make a statement. Because you can view from a considerable distance, custom neon beer signs from LITASIGN will provide 360 degrees illumination.

Design Freedom

When you order custom neon beer signs from LITASIGN, you'll be able to customize them in any way you like. LITASIGN can shape your bespoke neon beer signs in a variety of ways to match your bar's image and aesthetic value.

Energy - Efficient

The amount of energy required to run neon signs is little. Neon lights, unlike conventional lights, do not have a filament, allowing them to consume less energy while remaining cool to the touch. The LITASIGN custom beer neon sign uses nearly half the energy of other lights. As a result, the increased efficiency of these indicators can save a lot of money in the long run. Users can also add dimmers to neon signs to further reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.

Long Life Span & Warranty

Neon signs typically last five to ten years, and all of the sign's components may be simply maintained or replaced. Neon signs, on the other hand, can endure up to 15-20 years if properly maintained.

LITASIGN offers 2 year warranty for indoor and 1 year for outdoor neon beer signs.

High Impact Resistance

Custom neon beer signs from LITASIGN are more durable in adverse weather, are vibration resistant, and are usually water-resistant. The latter is contingent on how it was created. This is a huge benefit for all neon signs that are placed outside.

LITASIGN: New Generation of Custom Beer Neon Signs

A LED-based product with all of the neon’s sharp-looking characteristics, plus more colors and shapes! Say goodbye to hazardous glass tubes and hello to a far safer silicon coating. Its recyclable substance makes it a green and environmentally friendly product. Consider what you could buy with the money you save on electricity. LITASIGN is everything you’ve always wanted to know about designing neon signs at a reasonable price.

Beer Cave Neon Sign

Inside bars and taverns, Beer Cave neon signs are ubiquitous. The vivid neon lights bring the space to life and make it appealing. These neon signs do more than just brighten up a bar or pub. They're also powerful and reliable advertising tools for businesses.

Bud Light Beer Neon Sign

"Bud Light Beer Neon Sign" unquestionably creates an ambiance that emanates pleasant feelings and inspires good emotions. Our personalized and handmade items are trendy, high-quality, and ideal for Instagram photos.

Beer In A Mug Neon Sign

The beer in a mug neon sign is a terrific way to invite folks to take a break from their work. The LED beer sign can be used to attract consumers and relax with a mug of beer at pubs, bars, and nightclubs. A great piece of wall art for your home bar, game room, or boyfriend's man cave. I'm sure your friends or special someone would have appreciated receiving this as a present!

Beer Beer Beer Neon Sign

Make the room your own with the ultimate mancave, from the shed to the basement or bar! Neon art is a great way to show off your personality, and you can choose the right size to fit your environment.

Hot Girls, Cold Beer Neon Sign

Light up your wall with a Hot Girls Cold Beer-led Neon sign as the perfect wall art feature! Personalize the color to show off your style through Neon art.

Michelob Ultra I Like Beer Neon Sign

If you're looking to brighten up your business, this Michelob Live Ultra - I Like Beer Neon Sign is exactly what you're looking for. It's perfect for your home bar, man cave, she-shed, game room, living room, or bedroom, or pretty much any other room!

Coors Light Neon Sign

Ideal for home decor, personal, and business collections! It can be hung on the wall or placed anywhere in the room. It may be installed on the wall and is ideal for a showroom or a nightclub.

Craft Beer Spoken Here Neon Sign

This Craft Beer Spoken Here Neon Sign would look excellent in a bar, restaurant, wedding, party, or house. This is a beer enthusiast sign that will shine and add a nice touch for the beer enthusiasts. This is a fantastic beer sign to have.

Blue Moon Beer Neon Sign

The Belgian beer Blue Moon is represented by this neon sign, which promises a refreshing taste with every sip. When you take a sip of Blue Moon, the neon light fills up every lounge, dining area, and house while offering everyone a refreshing experience.

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Facts To Know About Custom Neon Beer Signs

Neon flex, acrylic backboard, power supply, and other installation accessories are the most common components of custom neon beer signs. They’re a form of an LED neon sign that’s energy-efficient, long-lasting, and attractive. Listed below are the things you need to know about Custom Beer Neon Sign.

  • Custom Neon Beer Sign Cost

The cost of neon beer signs fluctuates greatly based on a variety of circumstances, making a price estimate unfeasible. The following elements will affect your ultimate cost: the size of the neon beer signs themselves. The number of words or letters on the neon beer signage can be changed at any time. The difficulty of any graphics or trademarks you want to put on your neon beer signs.

  • Ways to Change Color of Neon Beer Signs

RGB LED – An RGB (red, green, and blue) LED chip is the most frequent approach to change the color of the beer using neon lights. It is made up of three tiny diodes, each of which has a different hue. You can acquire a wide color spectrum by connecting an RGB controller and changing the strength of each red, green, or blue diode.

Digital LED – It employs red, green, and blue diodes found within an LED chip. The chip does, however, have a driver chip that allows each LED to be controlled independently. Because the controllers are so smart, they’ll be able to produce elaborate patterns in the beer lights and signs.

  • Neon Beer Signs are Dim-Battery Operated

On dim-battery-operated neon beer signs, a low voltage rotary is employed, and they are wired to the low voltage side. They will be able to lower the voltage coming from the power supply unit (PSU) to the beer neon signs as a result of this.

  • Neon Flex Makes the Neon Sign Looks Vibrant

Neon flex in the signs emits bright neon beer signs with personalized colors. Even though the term “neon” is commonly used to characterize neon beer signs, it is only employed to produce roughly one-third of the colors, such as orange, red, and vivid tones of pink.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Neon Beer Signs


Buying a custom neon beer sign is a great idea! It’s important to understand that choosing the best custom neon beer signs (and bars) involves more than checking the price. Even though these neon beer signs have been there for more than 80 years, many people are still unaware of their immense appeal. These signs have advanced in technology since we can now produce neon signs of the highest quality.

The custom option for this product is more exciting and in-depth from a design standpoint than the standard version. If you’re looking for a bespoke neon beer sign, this FAQ will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Even though there are various options for custom neon beer signs, finding out exactly what those options are is the most challenging part. We’ve put together this FAQ to answer any of your burning questions about creating a personalized neon sign

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Neon Beer Signs?

Custom neon beer signs are comprised of neon flex, a power source, an acrylic plate, and other installation components. They are a form of LED sign that features energy-efficient, economical, and durable lighting options, as well as a high aesthetic value.

Custom neon beer signs may always be tailored to your specifications and come in a variety of colours.

Figure 1 -Custom Neon Beer Sign

2. How Do They Operate Neon Beer Signs?

A closer inspection of light beer signs will reveal that they are composed of an acrylic plate molded in the shape of your choice.

An electrode with a positive and negative side may be found at the end of each acrylic plate in a customized neon beer sign.

A little quantity of neon is included within the acrylic plate that is custom-made to your requirements, and this neon conducts chemical reactions when exposed to high energy. An electric current will flow through the scale without affecting the material.

It is possible to separate the acrylic plate from the neon light beer signs by the alternating current to the electrodes. As they go through the negative electrode, some of them will lose electrons and produce ions, which will be positively charged and will float through the negative electrode.

This beer sign has free electrons with a negative charge. Therefore they’re attracted to the positive electron. It is because of this that the energy of the atoms, ions, and electrons in the acrylic plate increases.

They regain their original energy results from the ionized atom regaining its electrons and becoming neutral again. Photons are then released, causing the neon light beer signs to shine in different colours.

Figure 2 -Custom Neon Beer Sign (2)

3. What Lighting Functions Can Neon Beer Signs Expect to Perform?

When powered by electricity, neon beer signs may perform various illumination tasks. In addition, these LED beer signs may be mixed inside to create a variety of distinct hues that have an aesthetic value.

Neon beer signs may perform a variety of lighting purposes, some of which are listed below:

You can make your neon beer signs glow by applying fluorescent powder or phosphor to the acrylic plates. When ignited, they will appear to shine in a whole new hue.

You may create a one-of-a-kind look with a coloured acrylic plate.

The neon beer sign’s acrylic plate may also be illuminated by fluorescent lights of various colours.

4. How Long Do Neon Beer Signs Last?

The lifespan of beer signs depends on how often they are used and how well they are taken care of and maintained. Most customs LED beer signs are expected to last between 8 and 15 years, but they may be able to survive much longer if you take proper care of them.

It is crucial to find neon beer signs constructed of high-quality materials that are fire retardant. As a result, your light-up beer signs will have a longer lifespan, thanks to their durability.

5. What Are the Benefits of Custom Neon Beer Signs?

High-quality materials used in the manufacturing of custom neon beer signs provide several advantages, including:

There is a greater life expectancy for neon beer signs

Custom neon beer signs are reasonably priced and easy to replace parts if necessary. You can be certain that your neon natural neon beer sign will last a long time thanks to the use of flame-resistant materials. Give off a cozy glow.

Your neon beer signs may be cared for and maintained at a low cost. It is impossible to harm them due to their resistance to power surges. Reduced power consumption of LED beer signage results in significant cost savings. Beer signs with neon lights don’t produce any heat. Their brightness can be adjusted; they can flash, and their hue can be altered. If you’re looking for a specific logo for your brand, these are the best option. Because they are so simple to install, vintage neon beer signs don’t necessitate the services of an expert.

6. How Much Electricity Do Neon Beer Signs Consume

While providing a solid glow, neon beer signs tend to consume relatively little electricity, making them an excellent choice for those looking to conserve money and the environment and, at the same time, emit a brilliant light of vitality. They utilize about the same amount of energy as a standard incandescent light bulb when connected to a 230V or 110V LED power converter.

In comparison to standard neon signs, neon beer signs often consume 15% to 20% less energy.

7. What Could Be the Reason for Custom Beer Signs to Fade Out?

Custom beer signs may go out for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Failure in the transformer’s operation
  • A problem with the transformer might cause your personalized beer signs to go out. If the transformer is tampered with, neon beer signs won’t be able to light up.
  • Acrylonite plate fails
  • LED beer signs may dim or even go out if electrodes on the opposite side of the acrylic plate don’t operate properly. In any case, you’ll notice that your neon beer signs aren’t illuminated.
  • Wires are burning out.

When the LED flex neon tube is connected to neon beer lights through high-voltage cabling, this may be the source of the problem. Overheating neon beer lights can cause the lights to dim or go out altogether.

8. Do Neon Beer Signs Get Hot?

Because of the way neon beer signs for sale work and the energy they generate from ions, atoms, and electrons meeting each other, they may get heated. Narrow acrylic plates on neon light beer signs keep the heat from getting too intense and causing burns.

That’s why neon beer signs for sale shouldn’t cause any harm or be unsafe because of this. Rubber caps are typically used by neon beer sign manufacturers to keep the ends of the plates protected.

Protecting the bare wires of these caps from getting wet and preventing them from causing burns when they are touched is the purpose of these caps’ shield wires.

9. How Do Neon Beer Signs Change Color?

The following are some common ways that custom neon beer signs change colour:

LEDs with a digital display

LED chips to contain diodes in various colour ranges, such as green, blue, and red. In addition to the LED chip, a driver chip is attached to it, allowing it to be controlled independently.

As a result of this controller’s significant technological improvements, neon beer lights for sale will generate pretty complicated designs.

LEDs in a variety of colours

LED beer lights for sale with an RGB LED chip are a popular technique to change the colour of the lights. There are three tiny diodes within, each having a distinct colour, and they are utilized to display red, green, and blue.

It is possible to adjust the colour spectrum of RGB LEDs using a controller.

10. What Is the Price of Neon Beer Signs?

The actual cost of neon beer signs varies according to several factors.

  • The necessary words or letters for the neon beer signs.
  • The actual dimensions of neon beer signs. Custom neon beer signs that are larger in size are generally more expensive than those that are smaller in size.
  • How intricate are any graphics or logos you wish to include on your illuminated beer signs?

11. Can I Order a Custom Neon Beer Sign in a Specific Color?

Yes, you can order customized neon beer signs in any colour. Around 22 hues are available, including red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, blue, and green, as well as neutral white, cold white, and warm white.

When the neon sign is turned off, some of these hues are white; however, when the sign is turned on, they become coloured. Others are dressed in brightly coloured jackets and act as a shade when the sign is turned off.

Custom Neon Beer Sign Color Board
Figure 3 - Custom Neon Beer Sign Color Board

12. Is It Dangerous to Use Custom Neon Beer Signs?

No, it is not. Custom neon beer signs are safe and environmentally friendly compared to traditional neon signs that use argon or mercury gas. They are safe to handle due to their low voltage, low emission, and low heat and are available on the market at 12V. The acrylic backboards are extremely difficult to break and contain no glass.

13. Are Custom Neon Beer Signs Battery-Powered Available?

You’ll notice that personalized LED signage consumes a negligible amount of power. Neon signs operate at a maximum voltage of 12V. Most bespoke neon beer signs are powered by a 12-volt transformer or a 12-volt direct current adaptor.

As a result, they can be powered by a 12V battery; however, the manufacturer’s electronic panel must have been updated to operate directly from a battery supply. It is a common occurrence when cars are fitted with customized neon signage. It is not recommended, however, to change the electronic components of an LED sign.

14. What Is SMD and How Is It Used in Custom Neon Beer Signs?

The term SMD refers to a Surface Mounted Diode. It is a sort of diode that is connected directly to the circuit board. Typically, wire leads secure typical LED lights in place.

SMDs are more compact and allow for a more slanted beam. Additionally, it consumes less energy and requires fewer wires and diffusers than regular LED lights.

The SMD bulb combines the three RGB colours into a single component. This contrasts with other LED lights, which employ three different bulbs to create a single pixel on a customized LED sign.

15. How Do I Determine the Custom Neon Beer Sign's Brightness?

There are various types of LEDs. On bright days, low-quality LEDs will be dull and challenging to see. A LED sign’s brightness is measured in “nits.”

The higher the number of nits on an LED sign, the brighter it is. As a result, the brightness of your customized LED sign can be determined by counting its nits.

16. How Do I Determine Which Type Of Neon Beer Sign I Require?

If you’re unsure of the type of neon beer sign that would work best for your establishment, you should consult an expert to point you on the right path. Consider the following criteria when selecting a neon sign for your business:

  • Whether the LED sign will be used indoors or out
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • The LED sign’s size/aspect ratio
  • The viewing angle and pitch size of the LED component
  • Access to service and maintenance
  • requirements and rules of the engineering profession/council

17. Is There Any Maintenance Required for a Custom Neon Beer Sign?

Custom neon beer signs are less labour intensive to maintain. However, the longevity of a personalized neon beer sign depends entirely on your maintenance.

Here are some care instructions for your personalized neon beer signs.


A neon sign’s silicone tube must be kept clean, as dust and grime might cause the tube to fail.

We are accumulating and dimming the sign’s brightness.

  • Unplug the wires from your neon signs before cleaning them. Even if the neon beer signs do not get hot, you should unplug them to avoid transformer danger.
  • Vacuum the area to remove any dust. Dust can be cleaned with a paintbrush from hard-to-reach nooks and crevices.
  • Gently wipe the silicone tubes down with a soft cloth or nylon brush.
  • Clean the grime and grease off neon beer signs with an ammonia-based cleaner.


Flying insects, small crawling insects, and medium-sized insects may be attracted to neon signs.

When you install a neon sign outdoors, its light attracts more flying insects than indoors.

Installing mosquito traps or electric insect zappers on your property is the most efficient technique to prevent bug problems.

18. What Font Options Are Available for My Custom Neon Beer Sign?

We offer a variety of typefaces for your bespoke neon sign, ranging from block to cursive to double-lined.

Additionally, we offer the ability to work with virtually any font. Our font selection is not only broad but also unparalleled in the LED neon sign manufacturing industry.

You may offer them any typeface they choose, as well as handwritten text or patterns that can be transformed into neon signs.

Please see the section below for additional information on the font option.

Custom Neon Beer Signs Font Option
Figure 4 -Custom Neon Beer Signs Font Option

19. How Do I Determine the Appropriate Size for My Neon Beer Sign

Consider the following while deciding on a neon sign size:

Take measurements of the area where your neon sign will go

What is your Budget

Functionality and Design

Your neon sign’s size can be determined using the chart shown below.

Custom Neon Beer Sign Outdoor Size Guide
Figure 5 - Custom Neon Beer Sign Outdoor Size Guide
Custom Neon Beer Sign Indoor Size Guide
Figure 6 -Custom Neon Beer Sign Indoor Size Guide

20. What Kinds of Backplates Are Available for Custom Neon Beer Signs?

There are a few options:

  • Fixed by Base
  • Fixed by Rope
  • Fixed by Nail
  • Cut to shape
  • Cut to the board
  • Cut to the letter 

Please look at the images below for reference.

Custom Neon Beer Sign Backplate Styles
Figure 6 -Custom Neon Beer Sign Indoor Size Guide

21. What is the Custom Neon Beer Sign Return Policy?

If a product is damaged and within the warranty term, we will replace it for free.

22. Overnight Use of Neon Beer Signs is Allowed?

Yes, LED neon lights may be left on for an extended period without harming them.

LED neon lights won’t present a fire hazard or burn out as rapidly as a fluorescent light bulb because they don’t emit heat.

Customers are advised to turn off the switch when not in use, as any device has a life span; LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy, for example.

23. In Terms of Shipping, How Does a Neon Beer Sign Pack Up?

Despite its bulk, the packaging is neat and efficient.

A 10mm thick honeycomb paper board is used in all boxes for extra strength and protection during shipping.

Large shipments require additional corner guards to protect the outer box.

Custom Neon Beer Signs Packaging
Figure 7 - Custom Neon Beer Signs Packaging

24. Are Neon Beer Custom Signs Made by Hand?

A one-of-a-kind neon beer sign. To perfect them, it takes a high level of precision, eye-hand coordination, and expertise.

Thus, the craftsmanship of our employees frequently determines whether the product is of high quality or not, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a consistent, well-crafted production crew.

Custom Neon Beer-Sign-Handmade
Figure 8 -Custom Neon Beer Sign Handmade

25. Are Custom Neon Beer Signs Radioactive?

No, Custom neon beer signs are constructed entirely of LEDs, which emit no harmful rays or radiation.

Custom LED neon signs are entirely safe for use in the home, office, or for children.

They are harmless, and no particular measures are required.

Our neon signs include transformers that are CE/RoHS/UL/FCC certified and safe.

26. Can You Control Custom Neon Beer Sign With A Remote Controller?

The personalized neon beer signs’ luminance can be precisely changed via remote control.

Additionally, you can use the remote controller to alter the colour and brightness of the unique neon beer signs.

27. How To Install Custom Neon Beer Signs?

Putting up your LED neon beer sign couldn’t be easier with the installation guide below:

Step 1: Place your neon sign on the wall or in the space where you want it to be. Lay it flat.

Step 2: With a marker pen, mark where the screws will go on the wall. This will help when it’s time to get out the drill.

Step 3: Put the sign back in the box or on a safe surface so that the acrylic backing doesn’t get scratched. You are using a drill with a more minor twist drill bit than the diameter of the screws; drill pilot holes in the places you marked on the wall in step 2.

Step 4: When you put the sign on the wall and ensure it’s secure, you need to match the holes you drilled to the holes in the acrylic back. When using your drill, screw the acrylic hole into the pilot hole and then into the screw.

Step 5: Keep repeating step 4 until all the screws are tight.

28. How do the LEDs in the neon beer sign work?

LED neon lights have LEDs on a strip. It is essential for the LEDs to be made of different materials and have a transparent cover so that you can see their light.

They don’t use much electricity and can be easily turned down if they need to be.

It shows how LED lights work in this video.

29. How far out from my Custom Neon Beer signs will the text be readable?

Generally speaking, your letters will be legible from up to 38 feet away for every inch of letter height you employ. As a result, 6-inch lettering would be visible up to 200 feet away. Red neon letters are the most readable, which explains why they are so popular in open sign applications. Purples and yellows are the least readable hues, which is why they are frequently used for borders. Apart from boosting the visibility of your sign, black backings enhance its attractiveness.

Letter Height

Max. ReadableDistance


152 ft


190 ft


228 ft


304 ft


380 ft


456 ft

30. Are My Neon Beer Signs Supplied with Mounting Hardware

Yes, we provide our customers with stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes.

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